Are there any risks associated with acupuncture or shiatsu?
Will the person I see be qualified?
What do the Acupuncture needles feel like? Do they hurt?
Are there any side effects?
How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Do I Have to Believe in Acupucnture for it to Work?
How do I make an appointment?

Are there any risks associated with acupuncture or shiatsu?
In the hands of an expert, acupuncture and shiatsu has minimal risks for the patient. The results of a six-year survey of adverse events associated with acupuncture and moxibustion at a national clinic in Japan, found only handful of issues, most relating to minor discomfort. During this time, 84 therapists were required to report all relevant adverse events during acupuncture treatment.

For further information and/or concerns, you are encouraged to speak to your doctor prior to undertaking any medical or naturopathic treatment.

Will the person I see be qualified?
Katsuhito ‘Katz’ Kawamura is a qualified Acupuncturist, Moxicauterist, Shiatsu and Massage therapist with more than 7 years experience in Japan follwed by a further 10 years in Australia.

Accreditations held by Katz include:
 - Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (No.CMP0001739710)
 - Australian Traditional Medicine Society (No.15605)
 - Medibank Provider (0771123J)

What do the Acupuncture needles feel like? Do they hurt?
Acupuncture needles are very thin and solid and are made from stainless steel. The point is smooth (not hollow with cutting edges like a hypodermic needle) and insertion through the skin is not painful like injection or blood sampling. The risk of bruising and skin irritation is less than when using a hollow needle.

People experience acupuncture needles differently. Most patients feel no pain and only minimal discomfort as the needles are inserted; Once the needles are in place, there is no pain felt.

Are there any side effects?
It is quite common with the first couple of treatments to have a sensation of deep relaxation or even mild disorientation immediately following the treatment. These pass within a short time, and never require anything more than a bit of rest to overcome.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
The number of treatments needed differs from person to person. For complex or long-standing conditions, one or two treatments a week for several months may be recommended. For acute problems, usually fewer visits are required, and for health maintenance, four sessions a year may be all that is necessary.

In short, each persons is as different as the issues that they may suffer from, but give us a call and will be be able to speak to you about your specific requirements.

Do I Have to Believe in Acupuncture for it to Work?
No. Acupuncture is used successfully to treat animals that cannot understand the process or believe that it will make them better. A positive attitude towards wellness may reinforce the effects of the treatment received, just as a negative attitude may hinder the effects of acupuncture or any other treatment. A neutral attitude will not block the treatment results.

How do I Make an Appointment?
Please phone us or send us an email on the details located on our contact page.